Want to Buy T4 controller

I have a 2005 GEM e4 and just installed 22Sdi Lithium with a MM and apparently my T3 controller is preventing me from getting faster speed. I am getting 30MPH and would like 35 or more.

I am in Delaware, please let me know if you have one to sell.


Fyi, you have to jumper power over to a pin to go from a T3 to a T4. I can not recall which offhand though. If you search on here there should be a thread on it

I’m curious what the specs are on your car?
Need more info

Your car
2005 e4 – :heavy_check_mark:
T3 – :heavy_check_mark:
SDI22 – :heavy_check_mark:
Motor --?
Gearbox --?
Tire height --?
Magic Magnet – Y/N?

That 05 car was a transition car and it (probably) has 12.44 gears. ← verify?
If running 21 in tires(guessing) @ 30mph that motor is spinning 6k.
Your motor may just not have any more zip to go faster. (Hopefully it is not a GE short).
Running the same numbers it would take 7k to move the car @ 35mph

If going to T4, Pin 13 needs to go to B-.
Search the archives for Pin 13 if need more info.

I have a fix on the shelf looking for a tester.
Old school field shunt to increase speed. In theory shunting 10% or so of the field current will allow higher speed.
Put something together several years ago but no takers.
Another way is an internal spoof of control shunt to fool controller into supplying less current. Easy in theory but could make the controller unrepairable.
Need a risk taker.
I measure 34 ohms 5hp GE that MikeKc dropped of. That is only 2 amps full field. Seems wrong, but is what it is.
In anycase, I have a 25% reduction wired to a switch. Push the switch at full speed to lower field strength. See what blows up. :grimacing:

hi Inwo did you try that T3 file to get higher rpm ?

I keep forgetting. Maybe i can talk someone onto trying it.

Original 5HP motor and gearbox, 21.- 21.5 tires at 35PSI with a MM

Send it to me of you want to try new sw. Untested though so may hot have a good result.
In general i dont like to reprogram, as sometimes controllers are dead on there feet and die after shipping.

My computer died a while ago.hope i can find the file.

Does your gearbox still have a barcode label on top?
Can you post a clear pic of the number?

Motor - Which one?
Note the position of the cable connections (A1-A2, F1-F2)
Thick aluminum ring at the gearbox on Short motor
The band clamp that wraps around the brush inspection ports on Long motor

Also- When was the last time you had your motor off/blown out/serviced?

I have had the GEM 3 years, it was originally military, the municipal, I have never taken it apart.

Looks like the short motor

Ok- Thanks.
There is a label down on your transmission that I would like to see.
If still there it would look much like this:

If @AssyRequired will assist, I can send you what’s needed to program and test.
A T3 mule as well that needs testing.
Or anyone?