T3 programing question

Good day all .
I just did a lithium bat. Swap on my 2005 E4 thank you kinghappy, but I do have a t3 controller.
I have searched the forum a few times and can’t seem to find if anyone has broken the enigma of the t3.
Anyone has the best numbers to throw on the programmer to make this beast really move?!?
Thank you in advance
And again thank you kinghappy for all the knowledge

I tried to program this with Luis but the programming sheets downloaded from the Ge manual dont match the numbers that come up when your programming . Never seen this before . Anyone have the sheets with what each parameter does ?

Use the T4 file. I think they are similar. I have a T3 I can hook up to see.

T3 is a 1 year controller that defies anything more than about 29 MPH. I tried twice to convert to a T4 but wasn’t successful. There is a thread on this from a few years ago with an explanation.

The T3 does not have a Min Field Current setting.(#7) It is fixed, this limits the Maximum RPM of the motor. This was corrected with the T4.

Ah man i has hopping it was as simple as swapping them. what if i do a RFF swap?

If you don’t mind that would be great thank you all for the help

Some on here are running T3 cars over 35mph. Do a search.
If someone wanted to take the time, I’d work with getting better performance. But not willing to put a T3 on my own Gem. :slight_smile:
Start with the simple things first. High voltage and magic magnet.
I would like to try turning the field current down on a T3.

I will be willing to take the time…nothing but time here in the FL keys when I’m not fishing lol
i have a 27cell lifepo4 green cell on it already, Hi Voltage :white_check_mark:
and will be getting the programer soon
king happy did some slight changes on the controller for me but there is some things i have to fix first before i go all out (just ordered the little rubber bumper for the motor and shaft) have vibration when let of the pedal spline looks good so starting with the bumper …but im ready to give it all i got

It’s not holding back at 27mph? It just won’t wind higher. Too bad you don’t have a hill to see if it will over speed.

@Old_Houseboater do you remember connecting p13 low?
Some controllers require it.
@Ljtoro see if there is a wire in p13.


did not try to go that fast yet …fastest i pushed it was 25 once (base speed limit is 15 ) and with the vibration didn’t want to push it and brake something…so is it the motor that restricts it or the controller or both?

The speedometer input to controller limits speed to 25mph.
Field current to shunt dc motors sets the top motor speed for a given voltage.

can’t i fool it with the programer or MM

I do not have a cable on p13

Thats not the problem . The manual #s don’t match up with the #'s in the controller . There must be 2 sets of numbers for a t3. his controller has a #7 minimum field current . doesn’t match t3 or t4

is a reman from FSIP

looks like we figured it out . The programming fields match a T2 but the controller its self is a T3 with the 23p plug . Kind of the best of both worlds.

The numbers and counts will always read correctly. The definitions depend on the controller type it’s saved under.
I hacked the pw, so you can put in your own def if you want.:thinking:

This is what I read from a T3 with T4 definitions.