T3 speed limitation

Does anyone have a solution to the T3 speed bogey of 30 MPH?

I think that I can reduce the field current, but have nothing to test.
Have you tried high voltage?

I can but somebody said they had one running 40 MPH. I bought this puppy to part out but it’s such a pretty thing and this itch has been bugging me for 5 years.

if i remember right you must have software 7L in controller,not 8L
look in old topics here

Where is here?..

Rodnet , If you raise the voltage it will act like lowering field current . My Gem runs mid 40s and I did not lower field current . The other option is a T4 swap . We now know how to make that work .

I have a spoof and a battery. and a magnet. How much can I get?

Please Email me the T4 info. I believe I know what it is but I want to be sure.


I seem to remember jumper 13 or 18 to B- to convert t3 to t4. Please bring me up to speed

Yes, p13 to b- . P13 is the only wiring difference.

What does 8L do for you?

Software GL7L are for 10" tires
and GL8L are for 12" tires
maybe GL7L will handle higher rpm ?
that car you see do 40mph,he have software GL7L in his T3 controller

You have access to sw?

Sentry for Windows? yes

I mean the files to load. Fsip doesn’t share.

I think it is just preprogramming the various parameters to fit the available cart configurations that existed at that time. Basically there were only 2 Wheel/Tire sizes available. Current practice seem to be one (stock) configuration and we have to reprogram to fit the setup of our individual vehicle.