T5 replace a T4 controller?

Can a T5 replace a T4 controller?

Most controllers can replace each other

Example you can swap a T-1 for a T-2 on the early cars
And on the later cars a T-3 for a T-4 but on each swap you need to add jumpers or do some wire changes. So I’m pretty sure a T-4 to T-5 would require some wiring upgrades

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I have a bad controller in a 2009 4WD Hunter can I replace it with the controller assembly from a 2007 RT 2WD. Thanks

I dont have any luck trying to replace a T3 with a T4. has anybody done this successfully? I got a 51 error, which doesn’t make sense, both times I tried it.

Rodney: I have been told that you need to add jumpers to make a car that came within a T-3 work with a T-4. I have never done it but I know you can’t simply plug and play. But it can be done

Did the jumper to the #13 - didnt work for me, is there others?_

Rodney my info about what wires need to be jumped was threw a 2nd hand conversation. So I’m not sure what need to be jumped I just know mods need to be done


there are 3 different T4 controllers
on 2006 and 2007 it was GL4J and GL4K software depending on 10" wheels and rpm
on late 2007 and up it was software GL5Q and pin 13 was used for handbrake
so if you have a T4 with GL5Q think it can replace your T5
there are som decals on outside controller tell you the software

I sent a T4 from my 2009 E4 to Flight Systems for a rebuild, but they sent back a T5 because they said my T4 was not rebuildable. (Too much corrosion) They said it was interchangeable and would work fine, but after I installed it, I would get frequent balking, no high range, and 81 and 82 codes. It will run in low range only, and often with balking then restarting. Do I need to go back to a T4, or have I got some other problem?

Did they tell you they reprogrammed the T5 with the same settings you had in the T4?

This might be better if you started your own topic on this issue rather than tacking onto a thread 4~5 years old.

From inside the Gem Forum, tap the “c” key on your keyboard and it will open up a new topic, give it a catchy subject line, list all this again and provide as much detail about your car, and history as you can.

Hint- What was corroded? The 23p connector? What does the harness plug look like?

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No, they just said it was an exact replacement and would work fine

Other problem, IMO.
What do you mean " no high range"? Car is dead in high and high not displayed?
What is car history? If controller was wet, motor is lower. As is throttle possibly.
What was the issue with T4? Dead or similar issues?
Is speedometer working as normal?

Replace tach pickup…