In need of controller

I have a bad t3 controller. I tried one from another gem and works great so definItely the controller. Anyone have one for sale or know where I can get mine rebuilt? Or a t4 if that will work.

FSIP will reman…

Mike KC has a T-4 for sale.
If your car runs a T-3 you will need to do some
Jumpers to make a T-4 work in a T-3 car

I have a known good T-4 if you are looking for one.

Do you know what jumpers I would need to do? I was going to send the t3 in to fsip for rebuilding. Do you think a t3 might be a better option?

Looks like a T3 and a T4 should plug right up? @Inwo
A T-4 is more programable if you ever want to hotrod it.

It needs jumper added. Pin 13 is not shown in t4, but needed.


I need the information on the jumpers to make a T4 work on a T3 car. I went through this twice and gave up. A lot of guys would like this information.


As far as I know, only p13.

Rodney: I do t know the specifics. I know the T-1 to T-2 conversion is well documented.
But I have never done a T-3 to T-4 conversion.
I know just like T-1 to T-2 conversion unless certain wires are jumped you are going anywhere

I think I should probably play it safe and have mine rebuilt. Thanks guys

How did the rebuild go? I just sent mine back for the 3rd time and I hope it comes back working…

It seems to be working fine so far. Thanks for asking

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Gaslol . Did you send yours to FSIP or R4F ?

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R4F but I believe he just turns it into FSIP. I wasn’t aware you could go direct to FSIP.