Controller questions

Need to have my controller tested…,any suggestions on where to send it.
Also…is a GE…tested 10/30/2007…customer global…catalogue number ends in t3.
I guess this means it’s a t3 controller…but not 100% sure.
Also…do you have to replace a t3 with another t3.
Interested in only stock settings.
Thanks for taking the time to answer

Send it to FSIP.

Unfortunately you have to replace it with another T3. This was a 2005 only. The T4 corrected the short comings, I tried to substitute a T4 twice but it was a no go.If your a real good electrician you may be able to figure out the differences and make a T4 work. It would be worth it Is it dead?

Yes you have to re wire or Jumper a few wires to make a T-4 Controller work in a T-3 car. It’s not rocket science just need to know what wires to jump or add on.