What’s up with Facebook Gem Groups?

I don’t post on Facebook. But when I lurked threw the other day it confirmed what I thought. some of the “Groups” I see people selling old classic gem car parts and cars and asking lots of money for things I would Throw Way and have thrown away. One item that came to mind wha a guy selling a “E Brake assembly” for a E-2. In his ads he says “I heard these things go for lots of money” bro Umm who ever told you that is retarded. He even went so far as to set up a display and video of the Ebrake on a bench showing that it worked. I was cracking up! I was saying to my self “who are these people”. I’m just glad it seems they are not here. I can understand people selling parts that wear out and break. Controllers and Chargers DC/DC converters. That break all the time. But trying to pawn off common parts that are easy to get and most everyone doesn’t even need as “hard to find” or “worth lots money” just made me chuckle

FB is great. Just ignore those people. There are lots of good deals on market place. Moved a bunch just today.


I do ignore them. But I just wanted to laugh with others here!

We already have one jar jar binks on here. So dont try to get a laugh!

Yes you have a good point!

@jarjar are you on here?