Classified section?

I know some forums have a dedicated section for For Sale/wanted content, didn’t know if there was one here.

I am considering selling my Gem but didn’t want to post anything if it wasn’t allowed or if there was a dedicated section. I would say a central section would be easier to manage and prune but I didn’t see it.

I keep going back and forth on keeping my Gem, weighing the pros and cons. I think it may come down to a good offer or not.

Look for - Buy Sell

Buy, Sell, Parts and Accessories - Electric Car Forum and Electric Vehicle Community

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Ok, thanks. I didn’t see a direct link, that’s weird. I still don’t see it in the drop down menu.

Post what you are looking for also.
A few on here buy and sell for fun and profit!

ie. 2005-2008 E4
Not over $7500
Something like that.