RIP Gem $44 dollars

Ok this story is told with tong and cheek in case it doesn’t came across that way :slight_smile:

So a friend of my’n Offerd me a free GEM that he had cherry picked, aka (grabbed all the things of worth) I was supposed to drive 1= hr to his house and go pick it up but with everything going on I just couldn’t make it. He calls last week and says “Hey Can I come down & drop this Gem off at your house” A free Gem for parts & Free delivery! How could one refuse. Now my place here is not where I work on Gem’s. I dont have the space here but I took it anyways.
this is what he dropped off.

All I wanted was the transmission. Everything else was of no use to me. But I guess it was a take it ALL or leave it deal, So i take the car all apart and I leave the item I want the MOST to the last

Only to discover this! the transmission has a big old HOLE in it!!!

THE one this I wanted is JUNK! Dammmmmmm!
O well a days work breaking it down and hauling it to the Recycle Center
netted me $44

So after I deduct the $25 dollars that I payed for Lunch as a way of thanking my friend for this Gem I took home a whopping $19 Not bad for a day and 1/2 work and a bunch of running around LOL

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O well you win some you Loose some

I always wondered what it would require to take the frame of an e4 and bolt on the front and rear end of an e2 to gain 2 seats!

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Did you ship it yet? Also need the 1 Right hand brake shoe.