Just Bought 3 GEMs

Hello all. I’ve reading your posts for about six weeks and trying to absorb some of the knowledge that’s here. This is my first post but I’m sure I’ll be asking lots of questions going forward.

I bought three 2002 GEMs - two E2s and an E4. All three are project cars and in varying states of (dis)repair. I hope to get them home later this week so I can see what I’ve gotten myself into. Best case is all can be brought back to life, although, from what I can see, that will be a big challenge. My fall-back is to scavenge what I can from two cars to get at least one back on the road.

As soon as I can get these cars in my hands, I’ll take an inventory of what I have (and don’t have) and will be back looking for advice.


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Good luck. What are your plans? My advice Turn and Burn get a Newer modle year gem don’t burn yourself out restoring old ones, get a newer one and put your time and into that.

Hi Grant. I don’t have a plan yet. It’ll be a few days till I can spend any time wit these cars. I guess I’ll formulate a plan then!

Good morning all - after two months, I thought an update was in order. I now have one of the two-seater E825s up and running. I robbed some parts from the other two, added new brakes, upholstery, fabricated a rear window and a QuiQ charger. I’ll replace the batteries too but the 8G31s seem good enough for now to test things out. It looks like they’re good for 5+ miles in our flat neighborhood, but I don’t know how much to trust the SOC meter.

I’m going to part out or scrap the other two. The four-seater appears to have been in a collision that tore up the right side panel, tub and frame. And there are so many parts missing from both that making them functional (let alone cosmetically acceptable) seems like a stretch.

So anybody want parts from these two before they go to GEM heaven?

Hi Bill,

There are some things I might be interested in. Where are you located?

Possibly interested in
Wiper motor (Doug asked first, he gets priority)
some rims
T2 controller
Dc dc converter

I could use the rubber cup for the middle rear seat that holds it down.

Also the rubber curtain across the front firewall.

Windshield wiper motor too if it’s not all loosy goosy like my current one.

Save the throttle pedals as those come up often needing fixing/replacing.

I’m not sure if those have a hazard light switch or if it is the same part for my 2013 but I’d be interested in one if you have it. Also looking for the caps that cover the lower seat belt anchor bolts.

I would be interested in a gear box…

Sorry RS_E6, none of these cars have a working hazard light switch. A don’t see a cap covering the lower seat belt anchor bolts. On these cars, the lower bolts fave a flange nut on the outside and a pan-head torx (T55) on the inside. I have those, but no caps.


Good morning dougl - and thanks for your note.

I have two rubber cups for the seat hold-down but both are in sorry shape. See photo attached of the better of the two. It’s your’s if you want it.

I have one intact rubber curtain - the other is torn in front of the fuse block.

I have two wiper motors but I haven’t tested them yet and will hold off until I do - I may need one for the car I have working.

I can mail you the curtain and rubber cup too if you want it. Let me know. It make take me a week or so until I can get to the wiper motors.

Bill Green


Good morning Mike and thanks for your note.

What ratio are you looking for? Let me get the part numbers from them and I’ll let you know what I have.

Bill Green

Here’s one of them. The other will need some disassembly to see the label.



I have at 2008 with a 12:44 (I think) and would like a 9:8 (I think that is the ratio for at 2002) I always get mixed up on the ratio numbers.
I don’t know anyone that can read the labels to know, @grantwest, do you know the codes?

Rodney knows ll the Transmission numbers but this is what I remember and go by.

9:8 is # 016-000111
10:35 is #0613-00249

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Would you have a hood? Don’t care if the fenders are damaged. I’m going to modify.

Hi P&D.

Unfortunately I don’t have a hood for either car. I do have one set of yellow fenders plus one red left front fender if they’re of any use to you.


No thanks. Thank you for the quick response

IIRC, 2002’s were mostly (all?) 10.35:1 w/ 5hp motor. The 8.9:1 was the '99 ('98?) through '01 with the 3 or 3.5hp motor

Grant’s casing / spicer number is correct in my experience for the 10:35. Haven’t seen an 8.9 to compare with.

@JarJarJava - Thanks for the info, I think a 10:35 would work for me then as my buddy has a 2002 and I like that gear box.

@Billg501 - PM me your contact info - lets chat.

Hi again Doug. A quick update.

I removed the rubber curtain this afternoon and found a small tear just below where the wiper moron support bracket attaches. See this pic. Is that still OK??


I was also able to test two wiper motors and found both working. You mention yours is “loose goosy”. Is your support bracket possibly broken or missing? I found that to be the case on one of my cars.