“Crazy Time” car sellers

I wanted to have a place to post Add’s that I find from time to time with people selling Gems that are what I consider Crazy Time or Overpriced cars. Example below.

$4500 for a 99 E2. With old battery’s!!! Wow good luck! LOL

Yours is worse but this one is missing the rear seat, all electronics, batteries, dash and trunk…but it has new tires!

No battery’s =. $1600
No trunk. = $600
No upper dash = 150 No lower dash = 100
No rear seat =. . 100 No charger. =. 400

So like 3k in parts and your free labor to put it all together and shipping not included plus the $1900 he is asking so you close to $5k for a car that’s worth $1500-$2000

Yea that’s a good one

Some people are so crazy. I once tried to buy a car from this dummy that told me the (Charge Port) in the hood was a “rare factory option” and his car was worth way more then most because of this. I was so trying to keep my mouth shut. I was trying buy the car but I had to talk him Down in price by pointing out reality. He was not hearing any of it. I guess he knew more about gems then me.

This one has me head scratching… I’ve 1/2 considered calling and asking if they misplaced a decimal point.

I thought it was just me that noticed they are asking ridiculous prices…

^^^^ Ok so far I say that one takes the cake! ^^^^
$8500 for a bone stock 2002. Be sure to include descriptions, they make the adds fun to read.

2 1/2 year old energizer batteries. (Maybe 6 months left in them)…you’d have 4-5k into a 2 seater.

Yes that’s a pretty good one. IMO brand new Trojan battery’s can be had for $1200 so that’s as much as they will ever be worth Deka Gells $1500 and it go’s down from their. Crazy how these people want or expect to get what they payed for battery’s for 1/2 used up

Yikes! This post made me search Los Angeles Craigslist and you are just skimming the surface with the above posts. My favorite is the 2002 for $10k. Seller has definitely customized and mentioned having $15k invested… what was he thinking?

Can possibly help with delivery…gee thanks!

Hey FYI crazy time GEM car sellers also applies to sellers with Crazy LOW prices. Example People selling 2013 E4’s with 200 miles for $1000 (THESE are Scammers) looking for your Email and Phone number to sell to vendors.

PSA if you reply to a Craigslist add and they text or email you back asking for your Email or For you to Email your contact info to another address THATS a SCAM

Here’s another good one… I’m not even sure I’d take it for free!

Gem at auction near me. In wi.
I can pm the link. Pick it up and hold it here. I would do it for free, but my trucker would want a couple $100.
Pm me for auction link. I will only give it to the first serious bidder.
Oldie but looks ok. 2003 4,000hrs (miles?)
Police vehicle.

Had to revive this thread with this one -


That poor GEM car…

What a Tard.

Looks like a burning man project that someone abandon. That’s a $500 car at best