WWYD Used 2002 GEM e4


Been lurking and reading for a while. I found a used 2002 GEM e4 that I am looking at buying. It’s state is that it hasn’t been run in probably a couple of years. Batteries are dead. Condition wise there is no damage and looks in good shape. Tires seem OK from the Pics.

Knowing that the batteries will need to be replaced and maybe the charger, trying to factor those costs into my purchase decision, are there any other risks/gotcha’s that I should be aware of. Am also curious on thoughts on a price for a car this old and in the shape I’ve basically described, understand it’s limited. I was thinking $2500 to offer, and at worse I would need to put about $1800 in it (Battery and charger). Thoughts/comments from those that have been down this path as well.


I think your generous.

Expensive parts with a history of trouble to look out for are:

Controller ($500 up.)

DC/DC converter ($250 up).

Charger ( $350 up)

Batteries ($800 to $1300)

Upholstry ($500+)

It WILL need brakes ($125) for parts.


My GEM experience:

December bought 1999 2 seater dead. $600 Batteries $830 - Charger $375 - Brakes $125 - Paint and other materials $125 - Wheel covers $50 Lots of hours. Title transfer and tax ($200) Sold it for $2000 to get the 4 seater.

May bought 1999 4 seater, Nice looking, clean cart with great cosmetics and new batteries $3300 -

Brakes $50 - Controller ($TBD) hopefully covered under warrenty. Wheel covers ($70)

Transmission had broken mount bolt and 2 stripped. Aligned front end. Swapped out 3.5 motor for 5. I didn’t have to but my choice.

The controller was ok when I bought the cart but puked 2 weeks later. Haven’t transfered title yet.

My point is: if it isn’t running DON’T over offer.