Facebook Vs Electric Fourm

Ok I found this post from Dustin At Innovation Motorsports very funny because of How misleading it is. And it go’s in line with Many of the posts I have see him post. This dude is supposed to be a Expert and perhaps he don’t want people working on their own cars so He makes something as simple as putting aftermarket wheels on your 2016 cars sound so Hard that you have to take it to him? Sorry I don’t get it? Below is a post where he is telling a guy he will have to cut his A Arms and Remove his 4 link? Ok news flash Gems don’t have a 4 link o well .enjoy. Below

PS Dustin if your reading this about 5 people here in the fourm have put 17’s on our cars with zero issues. Perhaps you should check out what us amateurs have been up to. :slight_smile:

And people wonder why I don’t post on Fakebook! LOL LOL

Delta-q chargers are junk. Lithium batteries are no good. Magic Magnet will destroy your motor, so use a speed magnet and save money.

Thats why I deleted my FB account a couple years ago, nothing but fake news and BS.

I am sooooo pissed, I did not even realize that I cut my A arms when I put my 17" wheels on?? I am such a dumb ass.

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I have spoke with 3 people who have IMS Gems and all are unhappy with them.

Ok Let’s break down this stupidity

You will need to Cut OFF the control Arm AND 4 link mounts off!!!

Ok Right off the Bat. Gem cars DONT HAVE “4 link Suspension” so how wor why would you cut the mounts off???

#2 cut the Control Arm (A-Arm) Mounts off ???
Why in the World would you have to do that and what would it do becides render your car usless??

No way, man. You’re wrong. That’s all totally unpossible, look, it even says so right here.

I believe he has his friends and girlfriend posting as happy customers.

I was able to talk to One of his clients who bought a 2008 modded by him.

He’s very very very upset with this guy.

That Guy bob with the Green E2 nick named (little sparky) seems to be a Spokes person For IMS. I’m trying not to bag on the IMS guy , but
People like Dave & Rodney Mike Mc & Mike KC IMO have done way more for the Gem community, then the “Thousands of so-called builds” IMS has done. All the products these guys have offered & Trinkets and Hacks to make your gem better and back on the road.

With out Dave no ones 2016+ Gem would be going 50 Mph and have 50 mile range.


Think how much faster it would be without those oogie 4-link mounts…


I see he has created his own private FB group so he can surround himself with only followers that praise his builds.

LOL that’s a good one!