Selling a Gem on Ebay

Hey I’m about to list a Gem on EBay. I was wondering if any of you had some tips to help me list and or keep the seller fee’s as low as possible.

And one last question, when I search for Gems on EBay, I always get poor results. Example I search Gem Cars and I mostly get Gem parts and other unrelated parts like “steering wheel covers” and other completely random crap I have no Interest in.

No real ebay tips for selling a GEM car other than maybe listing on eBay Motors rather than the regular eBay site.

Sellers fees are hard to dodge these days, they’ve closed up all the old loopholes that I know of.

I do know a really good transporter if the cart needs to be hauled, will do a cash deal too to keep cost down and avoid the uShip markup. He brought mine out from MN after I spent two months dealing with flakes. This guy blew 5th gear in his truck on the way, kept trying to have a transmission shipped to a shop ahead of him, no one would do it, so he did the whole run redlined in 4th gear at 50mph. His explanation was “I told you I’d have it here on this day. I keep my commitments.”

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I just listed my truck on Ebay this morning.
See if you can search for it? Miles mini-truck.

$25 listing fee.
You may be able to hint your contact info. I didn’t even look for final value fees. If it’s to much I won’t take less for the truck. :slight_smile: Or not sell it at all.
At one time there was a “classified ad” type listing.

Is that the truck I brought you the door for? I like that little truck, Wish I had a use for it. Good price.

I have an 2008E4 for sale as well - with factory hard doors -Stock - 5500.00

Yes it is.
My daily driver until I get something else.

It drives nice. Big ac motor. I would like to find a transmission for it. It comes welded in 2nd gear.

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I actually just sold a 2002 e 825 via Facebook. Listed there, on Nextdoor and paid a month on Craigslist.

CL brought only scammers, ND and FB had nibbles, FB seemed most motivated, first who came paid cash.

I feel like the car or cars I’m gonna sell are over the price range of the average gem car Craig’s list tire kicker. These are 15k + lithium cars