What problems do electric cars have?

Hello I am a student from Coventry university doing a project on a desirable electric car and i am interested to get a variety of views about the way people use electric cars.

If I could get some views this would be very helpful

What are the problems that face electric vehicles?

Do you think they will be the future fuel for cars?

How could they be designed to become more fun?

Thanks Harry

I believe if any drawbacks to ev’s are the weight and amp hours of the batteries and how far can it go.

As for the future power supply, it would be great to have one battery the size of a current 12 volt’s that puts out 460 VAC and a thousand amps for 100 years. Basically I think it all boils down to electrons.

As for more fun? than a 2 seat sports car or small 4x4 truck. Or getting your hands dirty and D.I.Y.

Yes, there will be a future for these cars… due to many global issues like global warming…
Main problems you might observe is -

  1. Battery capacity… if you use a lead acid battery u get lesser drive range… and battery life also is low
  2. Speed - maximum speed will be limited by the power of the motor being used.

hope this helped

As I see it, the problems are lack of range, lack of speed and weight.
Yes, I believe that they (it) will be a significant power source.
Fun is pretty subjective and perhaps not the best criterion for choosing
a car. For just fun I drive my Jensen-Healey.

My electric is a lot more fun that it was in gas. Less bother to start up and shift. quiet smooth ride. that said it would be a lot more fun, IF I could double or triple the battery power. The 8" motor is sufficient, a 9" or 10" would be more than plaenty with only a modest increase in weight. I would say right now controllers and motors are more than adequate off the shelf with efficiencies in the 80-90% and torque in the 200-400Ft/lbs for a 100LB motor, they are more power in a smaller space than ICE. The BIG limitation at this time is the batteries. Li’s are too expensive and lead has the lowest power to weight of ANY other battery chemistry.