What are the advantages of electric cars?

It seems that electric cars will become more and more popular in the years ahead, but what are the advantages of electric cars? If you have an electric vehicle or maybe you have investigated purchasing an electric vehicle, perhaps you could list the advantages of electric cars over gasoline/petrol cars for others to review.

One advantage which is mentioned time and time again is maintenance because electric cars have fewer moving parts and therefore “less can go wrong”.

Besides that obvious points there are 2 more even more obvious points I would say:

  1. Efficiency beating internal combustion engines more than twice.
  2. Breaking gives used energy back, well partially and mostly only with BLDC and AC motors.

but these 2 points I see more attractive against less moving parts.

I wonder if the price of electric cars will fall below that of traditional fuel vehicles when they finally hit the mass market?

From what I see, biggest problem is batteries, because motor and controller are cheap compared to internal combustion ones. Specially if you can mass produce them. Worst thing is batteries, they still are very expensive and have low capacity compared to fuel tank. Fast charging problem is almost obsolete now, since you can charge car in 10-15 min over 50%, and that is about time you can drink cup of coffee and maybe look something interesting in a newspaper. Tho I am looking forward to some upcoming batteries technologies, maybe them will blow some new air in this section.


I note that the Chinese government was behind a number of investments by Chinese companies in battery technology operations. If the Chinese government follows through with promised funding for the electric vehicle market, and battery technology development, I think we will see some major movement forward in the next couple of years.

It was interesting to see that the average US motorist suggested in a recent poll that as and when electric vehicles can travel 300 miles on a full charge they would then consider moving to this type of vehicle. The new 2013 Nissan Leaf is allegedly capable of 150 miles per charge therefore if technology continues to improve, i.e. battery technology, then there is scope for hope.


Well I’m waiting for Li-S batteries, they will be only 1.7 V nominal voltage, but they should me 2-3 times higher energy density over current Lithium average. Only question now will be price per Wh and capacity drop during charge/discharge cycle.