Simple Facts About Best Electric Cars

It’s a new generation and technological advancement is progressing. There are rising cases of battery powered car. The best electric car has brought about beauty; performance and range in their world. Big car companies are adding these electric cars to their list.

The electric cars look pricey. The advantage they have is that they bring you lots of fuel saving and there is actually federal tax credits. These cars get their energy from power plants to charge their batteries. They are not that speedy but they do average. They provide a silent driving experience.

It’s hard to believe that few years ago you could count the available plug-in cars. Right now there are many models from different brands. They come in various sizes, power trains, styles and price points to suite the wide range of consumers.

To be considered the best electric car, the electric vehicle has to;
• Have higher efficiency of over 600 percent internal combustion engine.
• Be extremely safe
• Be compact
• Be convenient
• Be durable

How they work

The electric cars motor is the size of a five –gallon bottle. The motor is connected to the stock transmission. It has batteries all the same size of a normal car battery. The electronic controller is operated by the box which is controlled by the accelerator pedal. The moment the driver presses the accelerator, the action delivers the power needed. The increases speed as the pedal is pushed.

Charging the battery

The average car can go up to 60miles per hour. The average person can drive for only 30miles a day. Charging the car overnight will guarantee a whole day of driving without fuelling.
The power available and the charger determine the time it takes to charge the battery. Most people charge them overnight. Some electric vehicles have on board chargers and so it’s possible to charge during the day. The chargers plug into either an 110V AC or 220V AC. They reach 80 percent of the charging levels between one and three hours.

Examples of the best electric cars to note

  1. Tesla Model 85D:
    This was one of the first electric cars in the industry. The models range varies depending on the model. The car has a rating of 295 miles while traveling at 65 miles per hour. It’s a little expensive but it offers an all-wheel drive.

  2. The RAV4 EV:
    Toyota has numerous accolades to consider. It comes second in the electric range with 103 miles. It’s the most efficient utility vehicle. It’s good in oil saving.

  3. The Fiat 500:
    The electric car is very good. It uses 24 kilowatt-hour-liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery packs. It has a mileage of 80miles of range under normal driving conditions. It the best electric car as it complies with most regulations.

  4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive:
    The Mercedes Benz is priced as the BMW i3.its smaller and it moves about 85 Miles of electric range. It actually makes use of a Tesla-derived drive train to cart it around.

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