Should I buy an electric car?

The heading of this post is a question which we hear very often, should I buy an electric car?

There are a number of reasons why electric cars are now more popular than ever before and why you should consider one in the future:-

[B]Cheaper fuel - while critics may disagree, electric is far cheaper than fossil fuels.[/B]

[B]Fewer moving parts - there are only two or three moving parts to an electric engine meaning less can go wrong.[/B]

[B]Efficiency - while estimates vary, electric cars are incredibly more efficient than their internal combustion engine counterparts.[/B]

[B]New technology - the technology used in electric cars is still very much in its infancy despite the fact they are even now significantly more efficient than their fossil fuel counterparts.[/B]

[B]Prices coming down - while there is still some way to go, the price of electric vehicles is falling. When you also take into account government financial incentives and long-term running costs, there are some serious savings to be made.[/B]

Please add other reasons you can think of to buy an electric car.

I gives jobs to people, stimulates the economy, makes your former ride available to the next deserving owner.

Its called the trickle down effect.

Manufacturing is one of the few things that stimulates the economy.

Should governments and public bodies lead the way by changing all public service vehicles to electric/hybrids?

Seem to have missed out the obvious one, helping to save the environment?


If it’s feasible and economically viable it wiil happen over time. If not it will remain a workable alternative, maybe even die a slow death and go away.

Legislating to help a fledgling industry is one thing. Mandating an item as big as this with so little history and only current information is beyond bizarre it’s asinine.

My opinion is that the environment going to hell is overblown. The biggest voices, by and large, seem to be a vocal cadre of truly hard line believers.

But MOST are people that stand to, or are, gaining monetarily from talking about it, writing about it, or producing things to address the perceived situation?

What say you?


The artificially low price of oil is muddying the water a little but EVs are the future.

My money is on Hybrids. Neighbor has a Toyota Camry Hybrid. Nice car. Looks good - good size - comfortable - preforms well. IMHO the package of the future 20+ years.

What say you?


I have been on the verge of buying an electric car for around two years but it is the recharging in public places which concerns me. Am I right to be concerned?

You sure are. There ARE charging stations available and their locations are documented. BUT at this time there are only a few electric cars. What happens when the electric car population increases and there are 3 people ahead of you in the charging lane. Do you have enough patience or time. This is why I believe Hybrids are the future.


Find out if there’s a public charger near your house. you probably could rely on it, but consider the inconvenience. Charge times will be on the order of 5-6 hours from empty. Also, look at the pricing - some of the chargers are free, some charge per-kWh, and some charge per hour with a higher rate for more hours.