What options exist for shared charging stations for apartments?

I want to buy an EV next year but I live in an apartment with no EV charging and I just moved this year so I don’t want to move again. I’m going to put together options to propose to my building’s property manager, which will certainly have to involve me paying for everything. My building doesn’t have reserved parking spots but there are some clusters of unpopular spots far away from the building’s doors where I can almost always find an open space, so the hardware could go there. All the parking is outside.

It seems like there are two approaches:

(1) Install a weather-guarded exterior NEMA 14-50 240V outlet near some parking spots, plug in, and cut the building a cheque each month based on the car’s internal kWh meter or whatever we mutually agree on.
(2) Install a commercial shared charging station that automates metering, billing, etc.

All else being equal, I’d rather do #2 so that my one-time expenses subsidize future EV owners. ChargePoint offers shared charging stations and is trying to market them at apartment owners, but I got the details from their salespeople and it seems like it would be much more expensive than installing an outlet and way more hassle than writing a cheque each month. There is another company called Blink but they seem to be in danger of going out of business.

Anyone know of others? It would great if there was some company that would provide a “full-service” solution that included installing and managing the stations, but I doubt there is. :confused: In case it matters, I’m in Massachusetts.

EV owners in apartments: what solution did you and your apartment building settle on?

Where in MA are you? We are working to help develop the EV charging infrastructure in New England and might be able to help. Feel free to post here to this thread or PM me.

Zip code 01913. I’ve changed my plans somewhat: I’m going to get the car in 2 years when my current lease expires.

I briefly mentioned this to the property manager (not the part about me paying) and she was open to somehow accommodating EV charging in the future.

I think shared charging points will become more common place in the future and some governments are now looking to tie charging stations in with new property building regulations.

I recently blogged about sharing chargers in apartments and condos recently, I hope it helps.