What car would you like to see converted? (May not be 56k friendly)

This is simply a recreation-type thread that I have here in which people can post their favourite EV conversion candidates whether they have been done or not or whether they are easy to convert or not. This is mainly about style.

Mine are:

1986-1989 Oldsmobile Toronado Troféo:

This vehicle, to my opinion, is the most futuristic American production car of the 1980s. Beginning in 1989, you could even order one with the “Colour Visual” onboard computer which resembles what you’d see in a Prius, in addition, you could also have a car phone. The Dashboard was entirely digital and the car “spoke” as well.

1990-1992 Oldsmobile Toronado Troféo:

An evolution of the last design, even more futuristic and it wouldn’t have looked out of place in Back to the Future II.

1986 - 1995 Mercury Sable:

The more upmarket and futuristic looking cousin of the revolutionary Ford Taurus.
(Image link sometimes displays a Ford Crown Victoria instead of a Mercury Sable)

DeLorean DMC-12:

Come on, who hasn’t ever wanted one of these? and if it’s outfitted with a Mr.Fusion, it’ll convert any garbage into pure nuclear energy providing a few gigawatts of power to fully recharge the batteries within a matter of nanoseconds :wink:

Fictional DeLorean:

An excellent competitor to the Tesla Roadster and Lightning GT.

Any Citröen from the 60s-70s except for the 2CV:

These cars were decades ahead of their time in both form and function and still look futuristic to this day. Their aerodynamic coefficients are also excellent (go to jaylenosgarage.com for a video).

Volvo 780 Bertone:

This was Volvo’s flagship car until 1991 when it was cut from production. The 780s were designed and hand built by Grupo Bertone in Turin, Italy and cost approximately 50,000 dollars when new. While the exterior and interior were all Bertone, the mechanicals were from the Volvo 760 that could be just as well equipped as its Italian friend for about 10,000$ less.

50s-60s SAABS:

Although these cars have just about the same battery storage space as a 3 volt Flashlight, what makes these cars so interesting is that you could enter a “free wheeling” mode which was basically a function that disconnected the drive system from the wheels in order to coast without the engine compression slowing the car down. These cars were also designed using aircraft styling and aerodynamics (Go to www.jaylenosgarage.com for a video of a 53’ SAAB).


With alot of work done to isolate the body from leaks, this could very well be a very interesting EV.

Well if we are doing fantasy cars, then here is my vote: The McLaren F1. hey, if you’re rich enough to afford one, you are rich enough for the super lithIon pack needed, as well as the huge AC electric motor and custom controller and charger.

I’m thinking about converting my 1980 Corvette L-82 to electric. Haven’t driven it in about 2 years and I may be able to part out what I don’t want on eBay to help fund the conversion.
How’s that for a sports car conversion???

I know ac propultion makes one, but i still want one:

How about my present car? 1999 E300 Turbodiesel

i’m not usually a big fan of them, but i think a corvette would be a great platform for an electric car. most of the weight wouldn’t be stacked but flatly distributed and the electric motor has plenty of room to mount.

I like the old Saab.:slight_smile:

I like the old SAAB. :slight_smile:

Herre you go. :slight_smile:

I’d like to add a Volvo 940 Stationwagon :smiley:

Volvo Amazon Stationwagon

My eLectric DeLorean is a blast. Just waiting for those Li batteries to drop in price!

Dave Delman

hi guys, first post here.

i would like my next engine conversion to be an electric motor. ideally i would like to convert a ke26 corolla panelvan which is a version of my old car, the 2 door sedan version weighs 760kg standard so it would be a good candidate i reckon.

i did a 4age turbo (1.6 litre DOHC) swap into it before i sold it.