What AMPs is the T4/T5 controllers?

I see that innovation motorsports puts in the 11+HP peak motor when they do their upgraded GEM cars. Im assuming thats the 7.5HP motor?

But they always mention that they put in a 500AMP controller upgrade. I was curious what our stock controllers are T4/T5 for my 2010 E6. Also if its work asking them where or who upgrades their controllers since that should put out some better power?

I am currently stuck going 0-25mph ok, but over 25mph it is super lag, zero power unless downhill. Cannot hit 35mph unless downhill and barely can maintain 25mph uphill

I looked at one here. 350amps

The amp rating doesn’t help performance by itself.
Mainly bragging rights.

Much like changing a 15a breaker to a 20a. Motor won’t have more performance.

Higher volts = higher speed.
Cheapest performance upgrade is stock controller, stock motor, +more voltage.

You won’t find that upgrade offered. Nothing to sell !

Ask Grant how 90 volts performs on hills.
I’ll post a link.

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Thanks. I figured for golf carts they sell higher amp controllers and they seem to give them a nice boost in power. Was hoping same for gem car.

That lithium Gem killed it up the hill. I just have no expertise on how to do a lithium swap. Was that speed just from the weight savings? or does he have upgraded motor/controller other parts?

Having just put a volt and amp meter on my stock 2002 e825 and from what I’ve been reading, the extra voltage(72V vs 90V ) and the fact that lithium batteries have a much much flatter discharge curve is what makes that go fast up hill and keep going fast.

My stock 2002, after a fresh charge(~84V Pb) is quite peppy for most of a 2 mile run up a much smaller hill but a 2nd shot at the hill without recharge shows I’m running in the ~63V range on acceleration(pulling ~200A) and in the low 70V and even 69V at speed. First run I get 23MPH most of the way up the hill and the 2nd time I’m seeing 21-20 MPH up the hill.

I ordered a 300A volt/current meter to better see what’s going on at the high end of power ouput. As soon as I get my motor fitted with temperature sensors, I’ll talk with @Inwo , @grantwest and @Old_Houseboater for tips on reprogramming both for a stock 5HP motor and a 7.5HP motor.

I would venture to say that even a 72V lithium setup would outperform a 72V Pb setup quite nicely because of the flatter discharge curve, ability to discharge lower than Pb(more usable capacity) and less weight.