What 3D printed parts do people want or need

I have a 3D printer and have used it to repair or improve our little RV trailer and I’ve run across a need for a part on our 2002 NEV I’ll just design in OpenSCAD and 3D print but was wondering if anyone else had any plastic parts they might need or want to improve the usability of the GEM.

My first part will be a plastic spacer under the rear seat at the outer edge. It’s missing on ours and it keeps the set level between the spacers on each end and the hold-down pin in the middle.

OpenSCAD design:

Printed parts:

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Just to start, here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

An insert for the glove box with different compartments. Maybe split it horizontally in half and on the left half split that horizontally in half.

An insert for the cup holders to hold a phone at an angle for those with monitoring apps( GPS, Battery BMS, etc ).

An insert for the cup holders to hold larger diameter coffee mugs. I can’t believe my Contigo brand insulated cup doesn’t fit.

A contoured plate for the lower dash to add radio or other appliance to the dashboard.