2016+ Cup Holders

If you have New gem surly you have found out that the Cup holders on the dash are not great.
You go around a corner and because of high center of gravity and a 1 size fits all large hole you will find your spilling quite often. My brother printed up these Cup Holders for the new Style gems. They mount between the Seats front and Rear. Like this

I plan on installing 2 in this location ^ mounted front to back. Same for the rear seats

Here is how the Print looks 4 at a time 40 Hrs print time

We did 2 color combos.
Black with Gold insert . And White &Grey insert

The insert makes cleaning the holder easy you can slide them out and wash them super easy

OR use it as a Sizer. The holder was made to hold the larger Stainless Mugs and the insert makes it just a bit smaller for all others

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I love it but they would need to have eyelets for bungie straps to keep cups in the holder due to the fine suspension of the 2002 GEMs. My hands are the cup holder and my arms the dampening mechanism when I dare bring a drink along and that includes close-able lid coffee mugs.

These look great. Good job.