New Dash mounted Fans

Ok the Fans that we’re a option on the classic gems are a complete JOKE. They are mounted way to close to the window and they can’t draw enough air to do anything. I discoved these CaFramo 12v fans in our boat and figured they would work great in the Gem. I’m happy to report over a years worth Of use they are Awesome. They don’t have a fan shroud and that makes them push more air. And the blades has a soft rubber edge so it you put your finger into them at full speed you will not get injured. I had to make the Wood base that song fits into the Dash Cup Holder but the fans can spin 360 and tilt 200 degrees up and down. I’m going to help my brother in 3-D print a plastic insert for the cupholder so it’s a little bit more legit but just thought I would give you guys a heads up.

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