I’m a Big Fan of these

:slight_smile: these CaFramo Fans are great. They swivel 360 & provide a nice breeze. The blades are soft & safe if and when you come in contact with them. We discovered them while boating and decided to use them in the GEM. We stared out with just one but also found they work great as a window defroster come winter time. I added 2 switches to the dash so we now have a His and Hers.

Caframo Ultimate 757 12V 2-Speed 7 inch Fan - Direct Wire Black

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Sweet. Thanks Grant. Been thinking about adding something like this.

For all the cool and unique things that eM1400’s have, ventilation with the full cab kit is not one of the them. The windows only open like 4" and they are the only source of ventilation. Roof and doors are black plastic. No dash to speak of to mount too either, but the eM1400’s did have an option for a UTV roll cage, which Emmy has, maybe I can find a clamp option.

I have seen some people install a pop up sun roof. They install it backwards so it works like c scoop when open.