Dash mounted Fans

The Dash mounted GEM fans are pretty much useless in my opinion. Has anyone had any experience with this fan? They seem very popular with High End boats. (Cabin cruisers and sail boats) I see them everywhere but never tried them out for power or noise. Wondering if it would be good as a factory gem replacement

We just received to gently used GEM dash fans yesterday that I will make you a deal on. :slight_smile:

Grant. Those fans ROCK! Been usin em for years. Super low amp draw. Good air flow. Noise is comparable to many standard 12v fans that draw many more amps.Well worth the $$$

Awesome thanks for the comment. I know that it’s a bit pricey, but I figured if they were installed in so many high end boats that they had to be nice. Was wondering if not having the shroud around them made them more efficient and or more quiet. The stock gem car fan is VERY loud if you ask me how does it compare

I don’t have any experience with the GEM fans so I can’t compare. My fan priorities are good air flow and low amp draw. You usually can’t add super quiet into the mix cause it’s the fan blades that will make the most noise. Quadcopter/drones are a great example. Super efficient brushless motors but they still sound like a gazillion bees. I fly an ultralight aircraft with a 2 stroke motor. It’s not so much the engine noise but the propeller noise that can hurt unprotected ears. The best fix for fan noise for your GEM is turn up the stereo! :slight_smile: