POP up sunroof questions

Hey I was thinking of adding a POP up (manual) sun roof to my 2016 E4. It’s hot here in Nor Cal and some times you need additional air threw the Gem. I wanted to take a Pop up sun roof & install it Backwards. Kind of like how the Older VW Bus’s had Safari Windows that could lean forward and take in Air.

My question is any one have any advise or Ideas. The roof is VERY curved and choosing the right sun roof is important cause most sun roofs are no where near as curved as the gem roof

I was thinking I could do 1 large one or 2 smaller ones like these. They are 17x 17 in size

The Roof is 49 inches across and has a pretty good Crown in the center back about 17 inches

yea that curve is going to throw you - unless you don’t want it waterproof?
You could look a marine hatches as well but likely more expensive cuz they are “marine”. :slight_smile:

The 17inch square sunroofs look like 1 could fit dead center in the roof just above the rear view Mirrior mount. The roof is the most conducive to a sunroof right their. So I
Might be stuck with just doing 1 small one in the center. ??

One plus is the roof feels very flexible. Like if you installed a sunroof the Gem Car roof would flex and conform to the metal sunroof frame.

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Are they made to fit a flat roof?
Make a 17" wooden frame, move it around on the roof, to look at gaps.

Some air flow is better than no air flow.
Also, on our Slingshots people have put plexiglass little wings on the sides to catch and direct air into the cabin. You could do that above the side mirror.

Most roofs are not flat they have a slight curve.
The wood frame Idea is a good one. I could order a sun roof and make a wood template from the sun roof and see how of it fits

Hey that’s a good Idea. Do you have a link to the sling shot parts your talking about

Something like these:


That’s a great Idea but they didn’t look like they would bolt on very well

Well. You would have to get a little creative. All you need is two brackets and a piece of plexiglass. Have the brackets mount into the rail.
And you would not be cutting a hole in your roof. You could always go back to that if you had too.


I agree The Idea is great. Just needs a Gem car/ slant on it. I still think the sun roof is a Easier install you don’t have to Re-invent the wheel.

Well I ordered the 17x17 pop up’s the kit comes with 2 of them. I was Originally thinking I would put 1 right in the sweet spot of the roof and call it a day, but my other option could be to install both of them side by side. That way we could have a Driver/ Passenger option.

Unsure of what I’ll do or how I will install until it gets here. I ultimately wanted 1 larger one but I just didn’t think the large curved roof would accept it (the sun roofs are pretty flat) I thought installing a large flat sun roof would distort the roof to much.