Gem sunroof replacement

Does anyone know the thickness and material used for the sunroof on a 2001 gem? Mine has a bunch of cracks so I would like to replace it. I looked at polycarbonate and plexiglass today but the stuff in stock at home depot seems too thin and flimsy.

Direct replacement

I saw those, I was planning to buy something locally because I wanted to replace it within the next day or so. For what they are getting for that piece I could buy enough polycarbonate to make 3 of them.

Let me give you a bit of advice . Carefully cut out you existing sunroof . You’re going to want to use it as a template to cut the new one. You would think that the sunroof is a simple square. But trust me it’s not it’s tapered at one end and I believe it’s the Rear.

Even if you crack it into several pieces you can tape it back together like a puzzle and lay it over the top of your new sunroof.

Once you clean out the existing track where your old sunroof used to lay I used a 3M product meant to glue in windshields.

At all four corners of the sunroof I used a plastic drill and drill through the sunroof and into the car so that I could run sheet metal screws through the sunroof and into the card to hold it in place as the glue dry

The new sunroof is not going to want to bend or conform so it needs to be screwed or taped down to maintain the ark

If you drill your holes before you put down the glue you can avoid the glue getting everywhere

I placed the majority of the glue on the far side of the rail so that when the sunroof got squished down you don’t have glue bleeding out over the area that the molding covers. I hope this makes sense.

Once you glue the sunroof Inn and it’s all secured you can remove the screws that held it down and in place . Nev accessories sells The new molding. I think it’s like $70 for all the molding in the car that will cover the front windshield as well the two large pieces that go across The roof I’m not positive if those are included

You can also use acetone and a whole bunch of elbow grease and some new 3M trim tape to restore your old ones but in my opinion it’s not worth the blisters and time to restore your old stuff but that’s just my two cents