Sunroof and roof parts question

getting ready to take out my cracked sunroof and possibly the front white plastic and rear next to run roof out as well. 2001 E4
i looked up all the part numbers on Polaris parts diagram and my question is.
The vehicle year only goes back to 2007. I’m almost certain that the roof parts are identical on the 2 years but didn’t know if anyone hadn’t some other insight?


Carefully remove the broken sunroof. Even if you breake it Tape it back together and take it to your local plastic supply place. Have them use your old one as a template. I payed about $98 for my roof same go’s do the white plastic

So it came out in about 200 little pieces. I’ll never be able to tape it together.
But I did talk to evon and nev accessories in AZ and he said in about 2 weeks they are going to be carrying replacement sunfroofs again.

I was excited to hear this and am going to wait until then to order one.