Picked up a 2001 E4

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking and reading posts on this forum and finally decided to sign up and join the fun. I just snagged a 2001 Gem E4 and am starting to look into ordering some parts… seat belts, front turn signal, brake pads, toying with the idea of doing the disc brake conversion on the fronts.

Some of the plastics are cracked and I was curious if there’s a way to repair them or if they have to be replaced, I see the mud guards listed on NEV Accessories which is where I’m ordering the other parts from. The wife would like to get it painted, or at least the colored parts (hood, mud guards, rear fender), so if this is something an auto body shop could repair that’s not out of the realm of possibility to do.

Has anyone replaced the moon roof and accompanying weather stripping/molding? Is it tricky or not too bad? My moon roof has a couple of cracks in it and if I’m able to find one (gemcarpartsdirect?) I’d like to replace it.

Thank you all in advance!

Karabeck Creations has body parts.


Hi Rodney,

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried looking for Karabeck Creations on Google or just karabeckcreations.com but wasn’t able to find anything. Do they have a web site?


Try Facebook … .

Yes the parts can be repaired and I just replaced my sunroof. Measured went to tap plastics and had cut 89.00 just installed better than new. Google NEV Parts they sell the moulding for your car.

I’ve got both siblings GEM and Think LSV recently i had the Think wrapped instead of painted and used marinetex to repair cracked fenders before getting wrapped only $200 Tip included, here’s pic of it wrapped in green.

Looks great did you take it apart and bring just the pieces in to be wrapped?

Fantasea graphics wrapped it all together, they used exacto knife, heat gun, about half day of work. Also had them wrap this Yellow Club Car Limo it was black, same process and $200 price for basic colors.

Wow… the wraps look great! I’m going to look for a place that does wraps in my area.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just rained in my area today… little motivation to try doing the same as you did.