2016+ Cup Holders

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I love it but they would need to have eyelets for bungie straps to keep cups in the holder due to the fine suspension of the 2002 GEMs. My hands are the cup holder and my arms the dampening mechanism when I dare bring a drink along and that includes close-able lid coffee mugs.

These look great. Good job.

My Brother printed me up 2 more for my car.

And then he printed a support piece that straddles the mounting point.

So now we can run all 4 bolts and “clamp”
The cup holders to the frame

BTW, I started a thread about 3D printed parts a few years ago:

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I got the new cup holders with the Spacer so they will be stronger. No problem with the originals but just wanted to make them better

This was my Original cup holder

Out with the old

In with the New

Silver and Black

look and probably work way better than the flat cup holder. Keep an eye on the corners where the mounts meet the rounded cup holder parts. There’s no fillet there to spread the stresses and I’ve found tight corners like that tend to be a fracture point.

I think it would be a problem if he only used the two top bolts to mount the cup holders.

But scrolling back up (around post 11) he shows a spacer block that goes between the lower mounts of the cups which ties them both together and transfers any offset Big Gulp loads to the other cup.

I like the accent of the inserts. It really sets them off.
What are the holes in the top for?

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yes, I saw that too and it should help transfer the torsional loads to the other side. Just thinking a full Big Gulp will still have some mass to stress those 3D printed corners. No need to reprint, just know there is an easy way to help improve should there be any failures.

We are already talking about a New design that would not require you to drill.

The cup holders would Saddle the top Steet bar and then you would install the bottom spacer and that would lock the cup holders into place.

Also another Idea was to make it so the inserts are removable and re-install on the bottom side of the holder , making it so the black cup holder has a large hole in the bottom when inserts are removed so super tall Mugs can slide threw the holder and ride real low in the holder.

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all that looks great and yes on the loop design for large cups. BUT, what I am talking about isn’t about any of that, it is about the forces on the loop part at the sharp corners of the mount. Consider where the forces are when you put your hand on the top edge furthest from the mounting bar and push downward. Just not as strong having sharp corners instead of rounded fillets to distribute the load.

Hey Grant, can you share the Files?

Hey I talked to my brother today. He said he has the file and will share

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are they stl files?

added words to post

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I was talking to him About it yesterday.
He said it’s a Modified file that works with his printer. I’ll get it from him. We wanted to work on the File (make the Mods) I talked about on the Thread. Wanted to make it so you don’t need to drill and bolt anything into your car

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Just bought a 2022 E4. Would you brother sell these? If so would like a set in black and silver for both the front and back seats. No style no drill if possible