Well mine is now lifted

I delivered my GEM E4 to Don at Label X Cart in Fort Worth a few weeks ago. Got the call today it was ready to come home. I will PU Friday so I have not seen it in person but here is a pic of it. They fabed the rear section the pic is taken with the stock wheels. They cut out sections for brake lights. I wil paint it red to match.

Pic 2 is my red and white GEM next to his black cammo for size comparison PICS 3 is doing the front lift with stocker rear tires still onLast pic is completed with Vampire 14" rims and the new rear section.

Custom lifts, wheels tires, lugs and custom rear spat for 3K… I will take some pictures of the actual lift and give a review on Saturday.

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Looks good. Wish i could find someone closer to lift mine. Texas too far away from maryland :frowning:

Review of the lift, the company and the process. IMS quoted me 4500 to lift 4"s and do wheels and tires WITHOUT FREIGHT. This was my base line for costs…

5 Weeks ago I delivered my 09 E4 to Label X Carts in Fort Worth Texas for a lift kit, a custom rear spat and wheels. The entire project was 3200.00. Originally we were shooting for completion by the 4th of July for my neighborhood parade. This was optimistic and was not met. It was a tight time line so I was not upset.

Here is my overall impressions of the entire process.

Time line/dead line – Very good
Communication during process-- Needs work, do not expect to talk to owner often. We texted during the last week but I never actually met him. His guy was there when I dropped it off and when I picked it up but I have never actually met the owner. At times he acted put off that I would ask questions or want an update. Not super customer friendly…This can be overlooked if work is awesome–See below.

Rear Spat — Looks amazing, LOVE IT, I would offer suggestion to anyone wanting one but overall it looks awesome, is fully custom and once rhino lined will be better than anything I have seen made to utilize the quick release mounts so far.
Cons-- It was not primed when I picked it up. Now I must act very quickly to get it done as it is starting to surface rust.
Suggestions for anyone wanting one-- Ask to hinge the basket for ease of access to rear batteries. Have him prime and or paint it before you install it. If you want I can send pics of exactly what I mean about hinges.

Lift Kit — Overall Impressions so far. I am impressed. Cart feels solid and does not roll or lean when cornering any more than it did when stock. Welds look very good. Lift geometry seems right, meaning it was not just a straight lift up, They did work to keep the drive line straight, the rear went out and down, same with the front. I was worried about lifting this high due to angle issues. It seems like this was done correctly. I will watch the mount points closely for stress cracks and post if I see any.

Wheels and tires — He matched what i could order the same set on Ebay for so I was happy about that.

I got all my old parts back, rear spat and stock wheels and tires. If anyone needs them PM me. I will make you a good deal.

NOW FOR THE BAD----When I picked it up I heard a rattle from a rear tire. Looking at in the parking lot in FW at 104 degrees being attacked by mosquitoes it was quickly noted by the tech that it appeared to be a wheel bearing. Hot as hell and under attack this seemed logical. I figured that the larger tires made the potential bad bearing more noticeable and I have a bunch of miles on the cart so this seemed to be a good answer. I paid IN CASH and off I went. NOW ITS 4.5 HRS EACH WAY so I am 18hrs of drive time to deliver and PU…

I get home, unloaded the cart and drove it up my driveway and the noise got worse. I got up Saturday, jacked up the cart and found the right rear wheel was not tight, wobbled badly. Grabbed a lug wrench and lug wrench wont fit. Ratchet and socket (tight fit in rim) and they where very tight or thats how the felt. 1/2" breaker bar, impact socket and 3 foot cheater bar and 1.5 hours later I HAD ALL 4 LUG NUTS OFF.They were all the incorrect size/ thread pitch lug nuts and had been rammed on with impact destroying all the lug studs on that hub.

Went wheel by wheel and found that 2 different lug nuts where used (both american) (( GEMS Use Metric))… Right rear had all four destroyed, Left rear had 1 destroyed, R Front 1 destroyed, L Front 1 destroyed. Not sure why but the remaining incorrect lug nuts did not ruin the studs. Only 7 where destroyed. Spent Sunday morning working on the rears only. Removed the wheels, removed the brakes, knocked out the lug studs… Spent 2 hours in auto parts store with a MIC checking shoulder depth and dia as well as overall length to find the correct wheel studs. M12 - 1.5 Dorman part number 610-276.1 and 98440.1 both numbers on package FYI. Had to go to 3 auto parts stores to get the number of studs I needed.

Then had to cut washers in half to allow for the raised wheel centering ring in the hub, use sacrificial lug nuts to pull the new studs through the hub then put it all back together. Bleed and test the brakes (then install all the new lug nuts. I went with a black tuner M12*1.5 locking nut from Advanced auto parts.

8 - Lug Studs $4 each, I bought a spare in case i screwed one up
1 pkg sacrificial lug nuts 10$
1 pkg tuner lug nuts 30$
1 bottle of brake fluid 3$
2 Full days of fixing this debacle

I texted the owner multiple times during this process and 1 day later have not heard from him.


The cart looks awesome and I love the rear rack. The wheels are exactly what I wanted. Barring the lack of communication and the lug nut issue I would rate my experience 6 out of 10. If he calls and somehow offers to make the lug thing right it would take this to a 8 out if 10.

Thanks for the review. anymore pics of the finished product and welds? Thats pretty crappy about the lug nut issue, simple they should have caught that.

I agree. Lug nuts are pretty first blown tire in highschool… I remember my dad beating it in my head to start them by hand several turns, not just barely start then impact the crap out of them but I just took the rear section apart and will post pics of construction… I am very happy with construction… See pics later tonight

Pics of rear section removed. It was built in basically 3 pieces. The rear spat, the center cover and the basket. The spat is fabed, welded and dimple died to add strength and reduce rattle and flex…

Picture of rear section with basket still on. 4 bolts to remove basket. This was the pic before the new rear tires were installed.

Center batter cover section is held in place with 6- DZUS fasteners

Overview of 6 center cover attachment points-- Also notice the holes cut out for the brake lights. Another thing is the battery cover plate that is dimple stamped. It is screwed tot he new rear section for strength and to stop rattles.

Sleeves welded into frameforthrough bolts holes

Pic of how they fabbed the rear lift.

Top view of reat spat with center battery section sitting in place

Top view of DZUS holes punched not drilled

Top view of center section, dimple stamped for strength and to reduce rattles

Basket on ground, welded every point around perimeter of expanded metal. Pipe upright angle matches cab angles…

Rear spat sitting on ground. Here you can really see the dimple stamps in the fenders.

OK… Seeing the detail that went into the rear section I can forgive the lug nut stuff.

Now that its off, I will paint it NOT Rhino Line it. The tolerances are just to tight to mess with Rhino lining. It will be too thick and make it a nightmare to put it back together.

All the dimple stamps really did the job in making this thing very quite. It did not rattle at all on our drive around the neighborhood last night.

ALL and ALL, I would recommend Don to others. Mine was the 2nd GEM he has done and except for the lug nuts it looks like once painted I will be very very happy with this.

Looks like Powder Coating wins. 325 for the entire thing. 10 day turn around so 10 days with no rear section… Oh Well…Will post pictures after completion.

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Looks good. I’m in Austin and am looking to get a lift done. Do you have any pics of how they lifted the front?

I can post some tomorrow.

BTW, I am in Briarcliff (out 71) west of Austin, so if you want to come see it in person let me know.

I have been speaking with Don Clesson the owner of Labeled X Golf Carts. Here are a few items I need to add tot he review;

  1. I misspelled his company name It is LABELED X GOLF CARTS
  2. He is open Mon -Thursday 8:30a to 6:30p and sent his guy in to meet me on Friday. I was unaware that he was doing this for me.
  3. He agreed to cover all the parts needed to repair the lug studs and nuts.
  4. He has a full paint booth and can spray rhino liner and powder coat, (I did not know this)

So to recap.
AWESOME Fabrication Skills
Schedule was tight so worked out fine
Responded to my email about the lug nuts within a day
Did not blink about covering the parts.

Highly recommend using him, referring him and will be sending all the guys I know there for lifts.


Here is another one he did

Nice…did you get it wrapped in camo and if yes what was the cost…here in Cali they want 1500.

The black and grey one is Rhino Lined.

Pictures of the powder coated final product.

Thanks for the writeup, your GEM looks great! I’m looking at replacing my stock wheels with 14" Vampires, but don’t want to get my GEM lifted. Do you know if the Vampires would have worked if you hadn’t lifted it? Thanks!

It looks great! Love the rims too!

99% sure they would not with these tires. Maybe with a low profile street or turf tire.