My new custom rear section and basket

I know I post pictures when it was fabricated but I wanted to post a few more after powder coating.

This was custom made for the GEM, is all steel and after powder coating it looks amazing. Thanks to Don Clesson at Labeled X Golf Carts.

I have put about 40 miles on it since the lift with 000.00 issues.

After I got it back a wheel cylinder started leaking so I replaced both rears and changed all the brake fluid with synthetic. It will slam your face into the steering wheel now. It stops great.

Don also did cut outs for the brake and tail lights. I only have one installed at the time I took the pictures. Will get the other side in this weekend.

Looks cool. Please remind us what was the total cost for your Lift and rear section?

About 3000/ish all in.
Lifted, wheels and tires, custom rear section with basket and powder coating.

I watched several videos around here to see what had been done, reached out to a member about a 2" lift he was no longer making and spoke with a few jeep fabricator buddies of mine about doing a one off job before I found Don. He had his lifted one at the shop when I took mine up so I got to drive his and go all through it.

It was done in a few weeks and so far is awesome.

For all that Fabracation that’s a good price.