Who says you cant lift a GEM

So I am finally done with the 4" Lift on my GEM. It was surprisingly easy and if I had the time I would have designed a bolt on kit but I got impatient and just welded everything up instead. Doors are next and my plan is to have 4 working aluminum doors that swing in the regular direction. Not two front regular and two rear suicide like the stock doors. My wife is calling it the “BAG” Bad Ass Gem. I like the Beach Assault Gem What do you guys think?

Great Job. I was wondering if lifted GEM’s were a 1 off or is there a Kit. I have seen a bunch of them so there must be a Kit?

Do you happen to have any pics of the kit you made

How much money would you charge to make me one thanks gem looks sweet

What size wheels and tires are you running on your car

I was so impatient and with such little extra time I didnt do a bolt on kit like I set out to do. I’ve talked to a few guys who I found through the internet about lifts and most of them, like any fabricator who makes a living at it, made it sound really hard which justifies the high price.Mine is completely weld on and I didn’t make any templates to duplicate it. The front is basically a drop down bracket to lower the front end subframe. I was surprised the entire front end is held on by six bolts. The rear is just a shock bracket that I welded on the existing bracket to lengthen it giving me the lift I need. The only other thing that needs to be addressed is lengthening the brake lines and steering shaft. You would not believe how much better it rides with the larger tires. I didnt change anything in the shocks and now its SO SMOOTH. I will try to get some pictures of what I did tomorrow. I could have gotten crazy with beefing it up but I don’t plan on jumping it so I just needed it to be safe for normal driving around my house and I believe it is, I also wanted to save on the extra weight of the steel. I took lots of measurements so I will check everythings alignment after driving it or a bit to see if anything tweaks and needs to be beefed up

23 X10.5 R12

Mounted on some Rims I got from Marlon and I’m not sure of the offset.