Where to get Gem car lifted?

I live in annapolis,MD.
Looking for someone or a shop to lift my 2010 gem E6. If anyone knows of any fabrication shops on the east coast please let me know! Looking to get a 8" lift.

I’m also looking for lift information or some lift brackets. I have some 2" aluminum stock but would rather not do the fabrication myself. Any thoughts? I’m in North Florida.

I am having mine lifted in Fort Worth now. Will keep the group posted on the progress.

Mine is the red and white in the background. They are doing the lift, rims and tires and the rear deck.

Texas? Little better then arizona. Still looking for somethign a little closer on the east coast. What is the shop in fort worth charging you? IMS in arizona charges 4 grand with wheels/tires.

I was quoted 750 for the lift 1500 for the rear rack (its fabbed from all steel). not sure about the rims and tires, depends on what I choose. I will keep you in the loop on this. I will be posting pics As soon as I see it.

If you need help lowering one hit me up.

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Yes, what’s up with lifting?
I extended wheel base in front for clearance.
Is that longing?

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Where is this shop in Fort Worth? What is the name?


Sorry, I never saw this post. Don Cleson did mine in FW…Great job good prices…