2006 Gem lift kit

Does anyone make a 4-6” lift kit for a 2006 gem e6?

From what I have read the few guys who made them stopped since almost every GEM is slightly different.
They aren’t hard to make if you are so inclined. You just need to either cut off and reposition the rear shock towers or make a bracket to offset the hole 4" lower. Option “A” will require some aluminum TIG skills.
For the front, the entire front subframe is held on with 6 bolts, so you essentially unbolt them, make brackets that lower the mounting point 4" and bolt it all back together.
You will have to stretch the steering shaft as well. 3-4" is a good number to shoot for. Any higher than that and your wiring will need to be extended in various spots.

Lift kits were available $400 from Rodney for older cars. 1999-2004 but I have not seen any one make a “for sale “ lift kit for newer gems.
I think IMS charges like 4-5k to do a lift kit

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From all that I’ve read, it appears that there is so much variation in the manufacturing that lift kits are hard to mass produce. From what I’ve read they all need to be custom fabbed to a degree. Not sure if that holds true for the later gens but it might explain why they are hard to find.

Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to fab up some brackets. But on the 2006 it looks like the bracket for the front hood would have to be re located to keep the body lines straight. And it looks like it would not be an easy job as the motor seems to be in the way of where the new bracket would have to go

This is true. I ended up mounting mine as high as possible on the existing bracket and then filling the void leftover at the top with a front mounted “clay pigeon” tray (I think they are called) for golf carts.

If you move the front up too high your man bits are all hanging out front and it looks weird.

You could easily fab up a custom bumper that slides into the receiver hitch and comes off when you need it but covers your man bits the rest of the time :slight_smile:

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My man bits aren’t exposed. If you move that front end up another 4" though you see most of the motor hanging out there like the old guy at the gym wearing short shorts.

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That was an image I didn’t need planted in my brain. LOL

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Also, another suggestion is to fab up a skid plate to cover it all up and protect it.
If I recall I think Innovation MS puts a license plate up in that spot when they do lifts.

Are these lifts still available for an 2002?
I just got a quote and they wanted $1500 + labor to lift it.
That price didnt include wheels/tires. Yikes.

I like your headlights. Where did you get them? They seem to be a perfect fit w/o much modification.
Thanks in advance.


I used these. https://amzn.to/2K9S77Z

They are close, but not perfect. They juuuuust fit in the oval hole. You will have to do some creative stock gem bracket bending but it’s nothing complicated. Just make sure the lights are pointed more down than up. Blinding oncoming traffic is a big concern of mine and I did a lot of staring at them from down the block to make sure they weren’t too high.

There is a small amount of gap around the stock GEM holes and the new lights. I planned on filling that with some black Sugru, I just haven’t done it yet. I’m not 100% sure I am going to stick with these or not.

Your best bet is to contact Rodney (old house boater)

Can you point me to Rodney? I want a life kit for my 2003 e825


New lift kit guy!

What a great hypothetical question…
“Does an 00-04 GEM really deserve to live?”

I guess it depends if they signed a DNR order or not.

But just think of the great airflow to feed the flames because its lifted.

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Dear Matt,

Hope all is well.
My name is Robert S. Verone, Art Educator at Lawrence High School in New York I and the automotive technology teacher acquired a 2002 Gem 2 seater. I attached some images of our progress. The concept behind it is to be a first responder for our trainer, getting from field to field quickly was its purpose. We restored it, but while using it our CV joints went. The reason was that the cart was elevated by adjusting the carts shocks and adding larger wheels. The cart was not jacked up and in turn, wore out the CV joint because of the angle. The question is do you have any examples, templates, or ideas on how you could jack it up? I watched your video on the newer GEM cart, awesome job.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated not only for the school but for the kids in both programs. The kids have done all the work and as always it’s all about them.

My Sincerest Thanks,

Robert S.Verone
Art Educator
Lawrence High School

I have a 2003 Gem and made my own 3" lift kit to clear new shocks.
Costs about $150 in materials. You can get the 1/4" steel stock from Home Depot.
I got the 12mm Grade 8 bolts from McMasterCarr. Also need to extend steering rod.

Lots of cutting, drilling and filling - but a fun weekend project.

The plate still need an extra hole/bolt to prevent them from rotating.