Lifted my cart 4 inches and mounted rear fenders to car frame. I took my time and made this clean. Thinking of making up kits. Any interest?


I can’t see what the space above the fronts tires looks like ? I’m thinking it must be huge. How’s the ride and taking a corner at 20+mph?.. raised center of gravity. Looks good in the rear… But I’d settle for just a 2" lift in the rear and leave the front alone… maybe. Cost?

2 inch in rear is EZ. Is your rear fender connected to the frame or the suspension?

Cant feel any difference in handling.

I’m into the 4 Wheeler /Dirt Bike look

[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;27249]2 inch in rear is EZ. Is your rear fender connected to the frame or the suspension?

Cant feel any difference in handling.

I’m into the 4 Wheeler /Dirt Bike look[/quote]

2008 e2 model hooked to the suspension. [I]I’m aware of re drilling the shock mount hole lower. It [/I]looks to me that this will only give about 1 inch of lift… I would like 2" (in the rear only) for a little tasteful rake look and some more room for my 15" tires in the rear. Front is okay, almost too much room above the tire to the fender. Some minor rubbing on the cooling shields in the front.

Redrilling doesn’t do it, Requires bracketry.

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No longer have my welder… Left it in MI when I moved to FL in 2001. Didn’t think that I would be buying a home with a two car Att garage… garage is a small 18x20 two car. I’m not buying a new welder at my advanced age. Got way too much **** in the garage now. New car sits in the driveway. 2 carts in the garage, generator, power washer, 25gal pesticide sprayer. 5 tool boxes Etc,…Etc… I think I’m a tool hoarder? I haven’t thrown a bolt, nut out in 15 years.

I’ve got some 1/8 aluminum stock left over from my led head light fabrication. I’ll take a look when I get the spat off… In a few months. I’ve got to clean up the old golf cart to sell while the snow turds are still here and sell the pontoon boat also… They have the money…!

Thanks, Jerry

My kits dont require welding. Drilling only.

I misunderstood your earlier post. I didn’t know this was something that you fabricated.

I’m interested… Please send more info and cost. Pictures if possible and installation instructions. Can you please email me directly?


I’m interested too. How much?

Look in classifieds

I know this is an old post but looking to lift a 2015 2-3 inches front and rear.

I have not seen a DIY lift kit for ANY gems.
Rodney used to make a kit for the Early ones, and a few members have done them including myself. But the Newer gems are completely different.

Have you talked to Innovation Motor Sports. They will be happy to lift your gem but get ready to shell out 3-5 thousand

I have a 1999 Gem2, do you sell a lift kit for that unit?

Not any more

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I am lifting my 2001 GEM and I have a question: Should the rear brackets be aligned with the suspension angle or installed vertically. What do you guys think?

Holly fuk Sum Timg Wong !

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Doesn’t matter but you need another bolt to keep the bracket from rotating.

I will drill them aligned with the shocks as in the pictures then. My mechanical engineering training years are kicking in lol… Will move to lifting the front next and installing the EZ Steer.

Would appreciate return of your old column ASAP

I will send the old column to you as soon as I receive the EZ Steer from you as I need the GEM to stay drivable. Good?