Any recommendations for Gem lift

I want to put a lift on my Gem car.
I have a set of 18" Honda wheels that fit it I just need to lift it.
I have seen a few things about moving the shock mount but want as many details as possible on performing a lift.


I am in the process of lifting my car 5"s . at the same time I installed a 4x4 rear end. I left the 4 spring rear frame ,but I flipped it upside down, and mounted it to the new axle assembly. This new rear assembly has a fwd shaft, and input power shaft, differential lock, and fnr lever. the ratio is 13/1, and the fwd ratio is 4/1. the unit also came with hydraulic brakes, and parking brake controls. . I do not plan to hook a drive shaft to the front axle. Well anyway on the front I raised the front support area 5 inch’s ,extended the steering shaft with a 5.5 inch piece of pipe., extended the motor drive cables 6 inch’s. and made two brackets for the rear of the front sub frame, that also raised the car the 5 inch’s My front shocks were junk so I decided to install after market shocks in tandem, so I made up brackets for the top and bottom of the shocks to raise the shock length by the 5 inch’s. I was very happy with the results, but after sitting idle for two weeks the front end sagged about an inch. The results are the after market shocks were not the right size. the shocks had a 100 lb per inch on the spring spec. I figured 400 lbs. would be plenty, but I was wrong. I just have to solve that one problem. The 14 inch tires and wheels fit real nice, and I have room to go up a few more sizes. I f your interested I could do some pictures down the road when it is finished