VW Bug low voltage system on solar?

I recently bought a 66 bug conversion with no electrical to speak of for the lights (headlights, taillights, turn signals, wipers etc). I am trying to figure out how to go with this. I’ve thus far learned it needs to be a standalone source and Im feeling like the bug is a pretty straightforward simple wiring system.

I’d really like to investigate the possibility of laminate solar panels on the hood of the vehicle to power the low voltage side but thus far haven’t found anyone who has done this.

Also seeking answers to these questions:

  1. what would be the total wattage/ amps that I will need for the low voltage system on this 66 bug

  2. Is solar possible, if so, how?

  3. if Solar is prohibitive, can someone show me a schematic or pics or a link to a page showing how they powered this low voltage system in a bug?

I might add I’ll need lots of explanation on how to do this as I’m hiring a friend do this who is a bug expert but not an EV expert so I have to provide him extensive instructions.

I have room under the hood for another battery. I currently have a 72V Logisystems controller, an 8" 120V motor and 9 Napa Gc8 8V battery system if that helps at all.


Powering the low-voltage side of things with a solar panel… Well, I’d start by converting all lighting to LED. Much lower power. Tail lights, dash lights, indicators, everything. This, I think, would reduce the power consumption to a low enough level to not only run the system, but recharge a battery for night time. I would still have a charger for the low voltage stuff: wipers, heater blowers, and headlights would draw too much to be kept up with by the solar panel. Stereo too, if you have a powerful one.