Veterans Help Navy Go Green

The website announced recently that the US Navy, in an effort to reach its goal of reducing its dependence on fossil fuels by 50% over the next decade, will be installing electric vehicle charging stations at some Navy facilities.

The Navy has partnered with OpConnect and its distributor, Go EV, which are both minority- and veteran-owned businesses, to install OpConnect Level I and II chargers at Navy facilities in Washington, DC, Indian Head, MD and San Diego, CA.

Powered by OpConnect’s EV Charging Network, they will be used by service personnel as part of a pilot program to test electric vehicle readiness at Navy facilities.

For more information, read the entire article at Navy Buys Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Great dream Douwe. I had the same dream and I am also Dutch. After many many years I’m finally in the process of signing papers to join.

I’ll try to send you a personnal message with more info.

this is very uplifting!