Universal Power Group UPG Batteries

The UB12500 Universal Power Group UPG batteries for approximately $100 bucks each sound pretty good. They are sealed AGM and claim 50 amp hours and weigh only 39.6 pounds. Also they are compact the specifications on this battery are Length 7.8 in., Width 6.54 in., Height 6.75 in.

I already have the Mars ME0709 72volt 300amp motor, and plan on getting the 7245 450amp Alltrax controller.

So for half the price of comparable Optimas can you tell me why I shouldn’t buy them?

UPG Product Solutions

* Industrial and Consumer Battery Chemistries: Sealed Lead-Acid, Nickel- Cadmium, Lithium, Carbon-Zinc, Nickel Metal Hydride, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc  
* Bluetooth Headsets, Speakerphones and Install Kits
* Portable 12-volt DC Accessories 
* Automotive, Cellular, Marine & Medical Battery Chargers 
* Cellular Accessories: Premium Leather Cases, Pouches
* Mounting Solutions for GPS, Satellite Radio, iPod and other form of in car electronics
* Security products: Access Controls, Horns, Speakers, Sirens, Transformers, Installation Peripherals

Which Optima are you referring too? The one thing that catches my eye about the UPG product is a very short warranty period of 1-year. Compaired to some of the other manufactures of 5 to 10 years. You get what you pay for.

Another aspect one really needs to consider is the Wh/Kg ratio or energy density. This determines basically the range. All lead acid batteries are very low density. The UPG you are looking at is 33 wh/kg, where top of the line lead-acid batteries push 50 wh/kg. However this is way short of the mark to make EV’s a reality where the minimum is 200 wh/kg. Then you can get a real performance vehicle with 250 mile range with all the bells and whistles the public demands.