Thinking of purchasing these from batteryhookup ... what do you all think?

NEW 8 Pack SAB 3.2v 55ah 176wh 60280 Cells

I am thinking about purchasing 9 packs for 72 batteries total and going 24S 3P for 77 Volts nominal 330 continuous amps, 165AH or 12.672KW. Total cost with shipping will be about $2k

I like the LiFePo4 chemistry.

I have a 2004 GEM e2.

Do you all think that’s too much money?

Very good price. Lfp are heavy but 1/2 that of lead.
Not just everyone will be up for the time and engineering needed to properly make 148 connections.
Not counting balance leads to bms.
Matching the cells to work well in series parallel is a daunting task.
12kw for $2k is a great price. Imo

I read the specs closer, it’s 330 max amps, not continuous.

They should work fine. Connections will be pita. For a mild performance Gem 2p might be enough. You are going to need a lot of buss bars.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! How do you think the 2p would perform compared the the Trojan batteries presently?

Can’t speak for Michael. I can’t recommend something that is untested. Price isn’t everything.

It should perform well. Might not handle max draw, need to test. It will be a tough install. You have exposed connections on both side of battery. You will need to insulate that well. Have you figured out how you will connect the cells?

Possibly aluminum plates with holes for the battery studs. I have a CNC router for precise location.