Cheep 12v 100 Amp Hr lithium batteries

Hey I met a guy online who is in the Islands. He has a 2002 E4 & he bought 6 of these for his GEM.

Just wondering if anyone here had played with these? The price is amazing! I just bought a AGM battery for my boat. 100 Amp Hr Group 31
And payed $330+$20 core fee. These lithium battery’s are cheaper than a Flooded lead acid! That’s pretty crazy

Bad idea for a Gem. Imo


Dave do you care to expand , I like the “re purposed” car battery’s (I.E) Chevy Volt, Bolt, Spark, VW ID-4 battery’s I have got from you they have always worked out great
I was thinking it was something for the person with zero DIY experience. Simple pull out your lead and exchange for drop in Lithium’s. I’m curious to here what your reasons are.

Each has their own bms in series with nothing to keep them balanced. Some are not suited for series connection and other limited to 4 in series. Internal bms must be rated for full voltage.
The ones I have experience with cannot supply enough current. Not that bms trips, but it limits performance. In some cases, there will be nuisance tripping.
One of my clients use 6 discrete 12v chargers to keep balance, but he could not get to top speed. Gabe determined it was the batteries limiting performance and he ultimately swapped to an SDI battery.
Not saying they won’t work. Just saying that similar drop in batteries, even brand name, have been disappointing.
I’ll google them.


As I suspected. Not suitable for a Gem at all. Only 100a discharge. Not even close. Only 4 in series. 48v limit.

Product Specifications

100Ah LiFePO4
Battery Capacity: 100Ah/1200Wh
Battery Voltage: 12.8V
Maximum Charging Current: 80A
Maximum Discharging Current: 100A
Weight: 22.4lbs

Battery Voltage: 12.8V
Max Charge Voltage: 14.5V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 10V
Operating Temperature: -4°F to 140°F
Cycle Life: ≥6000 at 50% DoD (depth of discharge)
≥4000 at 80% DoD (depth of discharge)
≥3000 at 100% DoD (depth of discharge)
BMS: Integrated battery management system
Terminal: M8 screw
Mounting: Standing or lying. ECO-WORTHY lithium batteries are approved by the manufacturer for horizontal installation.
Connection: When connected in series, up to 4 identical batteries can be connected. The parallel connection is unlimited.
Warranty: 5 years manufacturer guarantee

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I have seen an issue with these many times as well. A couple of people here in KC had purchased similar setups, one never got them to run well, and the other was able to return them before installing. These were much more expense drop-in solutions as well (like 1K per battery)

Below are the two primary reasons these types of batteries do not work well in GEM’s and Golf Carts, although they would work in a 48v golf cart, amps are still an issue.


There are at least a half dozen threads / individual posters just in the last 12 months on here that i can recall about having issues these drop in 12v lfp cells in gems. Its always the same, either the battery internal bms shuts the gem down, or they work for a week or two and then all shyt breaks loose (ballance issues)

I knew it was 2 good to be true. Poor guy thinks his gem is gonna be dialed in with these drop in batteries. That said they would work out as stereo batteries for the boat

They work really well for home solar storage. Not often you need over 100amps coming off your batteries in the evening and nights.

When using for other than “Cart Use” the hot ticket on cells like these is having BT access to the internal BMS. (Much like the JK systems we are using).

I thought I read somewhere the Eco-Worthy batteries linked above had that feature, but looking deeper it is not mentioned anywhere. (subliminal wishes perhaps).

When you have a whole array of them it would be really nice to see what each battery is doing and having cell data would be handy if there was any issues.

People who want that level of technology know how to build it themselves or will learn. These are more for the ikea types