Unique Situation?

I have a rather unique situation that I am trying to find a creative solution for. I recently purchased a plug in Hybrid car (Ford Fusion Energi) that I can charge with a standard 110V outlet using the supplied charger. It requires approximately 7.6 kWh to charge from empty to full which appears to take about 5.5 hours. I charge it at work for free and thought I could also charge it at home for free. However, it turns out that charging it at home is not allowed by the landlord. So, I am looking at several options and was wondering if there is a rechargeable battery pack that would charge the car at home (after driving home from work) and that I could recharge when I got to work the next day? I am guessing this is a long shot, but it is just a thought.


You brought up a problem that I never thought of. It’s significant and can affect a lot of potential owners. You could buy a Honda generator and charge it up with that. However that would be kind of defeating the purpose of an electric car. Looks like your back to a gas/diesel car.

Hey guys, how many of you are renters and how are you handling it?