Charging directly from wind generator(s)


New user.

I have a 1996 VW Golf CityStomer with a 96v lead acid battery pack.

I would like to charge this from wind power, but am not finding much information on it. My location will only allow for small wind generators in the 400w range.

Does anyone know how I could use them to charge my car directly, without having an external battery pack?

The only thing I can come up with is to use two 48v mills with each one charging half the pack.

Any ideas/comments?

that sounds about how I’d do it. Have 2 connectors, one going to 48V of the pack. Its got to be isolated as well.

Otherwise, inverter, and your normal charger.

You need a battery pack or some other way. The wind doesnt always blow a constant speed. You need something to help smooth out the charging. The cheapest way would be just buy an inverter and wire it to the grid and use a regular AC charger.