Battery Question, that I know wont work, I just don't know why

I have a few Gem Car’s and my battery of choice is the Nissan leaf battery, but because they’re so crazy expensive I’ve been using the Ford C-Max battery.

It is a 300 V pack and drives the C-Max about 20 miles. I usually break them into 75 volt packs, but I’m wondering if there might be a better way.

Will this crazy idea work… Keep the Ford C-Max module as it is and figure out the charge voltage to charge the battery as if it’s being charged in the Ford C-Max car. The output would be 300 V then find a voltage reduction unit, much like the 12 V from 72 Volt reduction unit in the Gem, but take the 300 V and reduce it to 72 Volt for the Gem Car. just throwing that idea out there if anyone would like to shoot it down or explain why it can’t work that way. In theory you could use a 12 V charger and the new voltage reduction unit and it might be cheaper than repackaging the C-max battery.

Thanks, Walt

It will work. It’s crazy expensive and inefficient.
A 10kw buck converter could be a few $k dollars.
You don’t need to break up the pack mechanically. Only electrically. Connecting the 75v sections in parallel.

Or for less money change the motor and controller to 300v.