Under The Hood Stuff

I now get 45MPH with the 7.5hp moter I just replaced from the 5hp moter that came with the E-4. I drive 15 to 20mph 99% of the time but it’s nice to know I got the stuff under the hood if need be.:roll:

Nice! Have you noticed a big difference in range?

Not any difference at this time. This is because the Min Field Current adjustments only kicks in at 25mph +. Because I only use higher speeds to get out of the way of faster moving traffic I found no difference. However with the extra current to the moter as you already know ,there will be a lost in range if I drive hot all the time. I’ll measure the difference with hot driving and post it up soon.


wow Blackhorse… I want to do that… just found the law change in CO that allows LSV/NEV’s to travel on streets limited at 40mph… what fun it would be to stay up with traffic… what size tries do you have on your car? with 185/65/R14’s and the 5hp motor I can get to 28mph… am trying to get the program from Marlon to get into my controller and make some changes without going to the bigger motor…


My tire size 185/60 R14