Trouble with 09 Gem car battery

Im having trouble with my 09 Gem car had one bad battery got it changed out but still doing the same thing goes from about 75 to 80% to in the red

Your battery pack is worn out. Time for a new set.

All batteries has been tested and good they not 2 year’s old yet

welcome Norbert… I think you need to test each battery under load… I’m a believer that you should never change only one battery… when a battery goes sour… change all six… with an 09 you should be operating with the same kind of battery that came in the car… the Delta Q charger is probably programmed for the Deka GEL… listed as an 8G31 battery… if you have replaced the one battery with say a AGM batters and the rest are GELs the charger will not charge them fully… I haven’t been able to re-program my Delta Q… know Old Houseboater has a friend who knows how to wiggle his nose while standing on his head and can do it… way above my pay grade…

bottom line… re-think what you’ve done to now… if the batteries are not the same… there is your problem… chances if you didn’t put the ‘like’ batteries that were in your car to begin with… your charger is not charging them all the way up


Do you give it 8 hours to charge?