Only charging 75-80%

I’m looking at buying a 08 Gem that’s out of town. It appears to have newer flooded batteries, and I’m guessing a delta q charger? Would a delta q set on Gel cause the flooded to only show 75%?


Yes. I went thru this and had to take my floodeds back to the battery dealer he kept them for a week and did his thing. Came back a lot better but not 100%. (it took them 6 months to go from 22 miles to 15 miles range).

I could not get the DQ to reprogram. took it to the mechanic and it took him 5 minutes to change.

After 3 years I programmed a Delta Q yesterday.


Yep… Had a fellow here in paradise that had the same problem. He had the charger reprogramed and in time (took a while) it came back 100%.