Returning with My GEM

Hello all, after a sper busy couple months I was able to make it back online and read and develop a few new problems with my GEM.

  1. I never did get my motor to stop vibrating the front of the car when letting off the accelerator. I found a 5hp motor off another GEM in the Junkyard and swapped it out. Vibration gone. But also lost a couple HP and MPH. Oh well.
  2. GEM ran great in low but nothing in High. took off the 23 pin connector and smashed down all the little wire ends and WALA! everything works better when connected.
  3. Been dropping batteries like flies lately. 3 batteries in 3 months. to my defense it had all Optima batteries in it and all were 5 years old. so I was down the first and found a good used Flooded one at the recycle yard. swapped it out. then another and got super lucky and found another used and it worked. then it got much worse I dropped 2 in one day. threw down the money and got 2 new Interstate group 27 RV batteries with 115hr. then she really screamed. I get about 6 miles now and get a turtle so I know one is going bad. I just picked up another Interstate. we don’t have any other options here in Cuba.
    I learned today that the Delta Q charger will kill lead acid deep cycle batteries. SOOOO my big question is, what charger has everyone who went to standard batteries using?

Reset the Dq to flooded algorithm. #13

It doesn’t kill them it undercharges them on the gel setting and they slowly die from sulfation. A flooded battery has to be charged at a high enough rate to bubble to stir the electrolyte,

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